Asus RT-AC66U DualBand Wifi Router

Asus RT-AC66U DualBand Wifi Router Specifications

Asus RT-AC66U DualBand Wireless Router

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Good price: Perfectly good hardware and specifications for the price.
Great coverage: It is a compact device with great coverage. It uses both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies and it can get transfer rates of up to 1.75GBps which is three times faster than your regular 802.11n speeds. The patented AiRadar technology is destined to increase coverage by optimizing the signals.
Excellent performances: It has three detachable R-SMA antennas and it is compatible with DLNA, file and printer servers. According to our experts, this router covers 50% more space than your average device. It is one of the best business-class gadgets of its kind.
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